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SMA (or EMA) is best when you are getting the same signal for short distances. EMA has a lower signal drop, but a smaller battery, which is handy if you want to leave your house while on your lunch break.

Is the best antenna for outdoor TV? SMA has the best reception indoors and is great for all TV sets. EMA (or EMA+) will get you just about any indoor signal. There is a definite edge to SMA and EMA (or EMA+) antennas when you are looking for reception on walls, as the signal levels are higher at the same size of antennas.

Are EMA antennas better than EMA SMA antennas? Probably not—they are just different antennas with different types of towers. Still, in my opinion the SMA (or EMA) antenna with the larger, thicker tower is the best choice for the outdoor TV signal reception—the larger towers produce higher levels of signal.

As the federal election campaign turns against the Liberals and the NDP, the NDP has a strategy to defeat Conservative government’s deficit spending and debt-financed spending promises at the voting booth: get its members elected to parliament.

New Democratic party members are expected to be the first Canadians to run this November’s election with the goal being to have an NDP government take power and put a stop to the Trudeau Liberals and the Conservatives’ anti-conservative agenda. The New Democrats’ strategy is based on the idea that a majority of Canadians want to protect the middle class from the Conservative government. Not only is there a belief in the need to protect middle class workers, but Canadians also want the government to reduce taxes on middle class families and help small businesses and small business owners as well.

In a recent interview with CTV Montreal’s Steve Paikin, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair explained the party’s plan to defeat Stephen Harper’s austerity agenda. First, it is important to talk about why it is important to prevent a Conservative government from taking office. “That is the great battle that we do have in Canada against Stephen Harper,” Mulcair told Paikin. “That is why the NDP is focusing on the middle class; because that is where the opposition to Stephen Harper rests.”

Mulcair and Paikin then went on to explain that their plan is to convince voters that the NDP will bring change that has an impact on families and middle class workers, even as they continue to spend $45 billion per year on debt repayments, debt servicing, and

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