Which is the best indicator for swing trading? – Swing Trading Basics

I always use a free online tool to measure my buying and selling volume.

One of the best indicators I use is the Volume Trending indicator, which is the blue line.

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Look for a trend of +10% daily (or more), it is a strong signal. My goal is to buy the same amount of BTC as I sell.

This is my spreadsheet with the data

1) Calculate the daily volume.

2) Enter the weekly number of BTC (in millions) in the column (daily or weekly)

3) Enter the number of days until trade start: (today or yesterday)

4) Enter the Volume Trend (blue line) chart (or other chart as listed above)

I use this tool to watch my BTC value fluctuate. This shows the direction of BTC on a daily basis, and I can see when I am most active trading.

I hope it helps for any traders out there who are struggling to get started.

Good luck and trade with confidence.


What is a swing trader?Trading is basically buying and selling at one time. For me, this doesn’t mean that I always buy right after I sell. For example, if I’m selling 1000 satoshi for 400 satoshi, and my goal is to buy it for 500 satoshi, I may be willing to wait until today to trade the 500 satoshi, because I don’t think the 4000 satoshi price would rise that much.In this case, after I sell my bitcoin for 4500 satoshi, I am not going to buy it. Because I didn’t buy the price would go back to 2000 satoshi for 400 satoshi (which is the limit range for the 200% buy limit at Coinbase).Now what would I do? If I was trying to trade 500 satoshi in the morning, I would buy it.If I was trying to sell 500 satoshi in the evening (or maybe just before bed), I would sell for 400 satoshi.But the big trade I’m trying to make is to buy 4000 satoshi in the morning. If I have a 1000 satoshi lead on Bitcoin, and I want to trade it for 5000 satoshi, this would be the worst idea in the world.If I had 1000 satoshi, but I bought it for 5000 satoshi, the 2000 satoshi price would rise to 5500 satoshi.This is a big risk.The reason is that on

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