Which type of trading is most profitable? – Swing Trade Chart Setup

What is your stock trading strategy?

Can I learn from your strategy? What did you do first, and do you have the best trade?

How does your trading work?

How to choose the right stocks to buy

How to build an aggressive investment strategy

How to make sure it still pays when your stock declines

How to calculate how much you have invested so far

How to calculate your capital loss if you go bust

How to buy a trade when it gets too risky, how to fix the risk

How to avoid losing more than you invest

How to avoid going broke if you go bust

How to choose the right stocks in a good trade

How to analyze a company’s earnings for potential investments

How to analyze a company’s stock performance

How to optimize an investment strategy

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How to trade when it is low (you should buy low) or when it is high (you should sell high)

Don’t know what type of trading you want to start with? Learn below, or read more on how to find your style.

Your Investing Story

What is your investing story? How do you want to make money? What is the best way you want to become successful at trading? Do you want to trade stocks or mutual funds?

Start Trading

Your first strategy must be simple. This means buying a stock at the right price at the right time. This works best if you have a simple trading strategy.

For example, you don’t want to sell a stock that is too high, but instead have a very basic strategy to buy it a little higher, buy more stock, and sell the price it dropped too low. By adding the 2 items to your strategy together, you can learn a way to trade that makes the most sense for you.

Trade Small and Make Many Dollars

Your first stock purchase will be small. Don’t buy too many companies, and don’t buy shares of more than 3 companies, or you’ll be too much a threat. In other words, only those companies you can make a lot of money, and a few big ones that generate enough profit to be profitable.

A good starting stock purchase may be stock that is priced at $80 and it’s selling for $60. You don’t want to buy the stock at prices above $80; you want to buy it at a lower price, and sell it right when market starts

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