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We’ve already listed the five best.

Now, let’s take a look for the “top” player, which we’re calling the “best swing trader” in baseball.

Our criteria:

1. Are those “best” on the team?

If the swing trader is the team MVP on a team that doesn’t win the Series, he wins this award. It is not that we don’t like the guy — it’s just easier to award the MVP than the best hitter who can’t swing for the grand slam and win the World Series.

2. Do they have the most wins among the players who started that day?

If that player is winning the batting title, we’d give him the MVP — but if it was pitcher Justin Verlander who won the American League Cy Young Award, we’d go with Verlander this time.

3. Which player is doing it the “greatest” today?

If the best player is a rookie, we pick the rookie MVP — while if the “worst” player who had an ERA under 3 is winning the AL MVP award, we will just give the “worst” player the AL MVP award this year.
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4. If you could have one player you’re “most proud” of and another you’re “least proud of,” who would they be?

Who is going to win the “most proud” of Manny Ramirez this month? Or will he win the “least proud”? It won’t be easy to decide. But, it would still be exciting!

5. If you could have one player that made everyone around him better — which player would you pick?

Last year’s “player in a million years” might be this year’s “player in a million years”, just because I have been doing research and I will be giving him a place on the “most likely winners” list. (Note: That’s still a longshot — but just to give you an idea on how I think about the position, here is my prediction for the MVP award for next year: Buster Posey. If Posey is an MVP candidate, he will likely be the AL MVP again.)

6. There are 10 other players in MLB who will probably win the award. Who is the best of the bunch?

There isn’t an easy answer — since there are a lot of players who will be in the Hall of Fame, you might have to put multiple

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