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What happens on his day? How does he cope with uncertainty about day trading? What does he do to build a self confidence? How does he cope with being right 100% of the time? Let me talk more about that. I know there’s a lot of other stuff to talk about. I hope I can get you to stay with me till the very end. So here is the second part of this interview.

This is a very important interview. I’m so sorry for taking so long. But really, I’m sorry also for me having a bad day on the day I’m going to interview you today. I hope it doesn’t take any more than another 45 minutes. I haven’t slept well since 7:00 this morning. But this is the only interview I’m doing this morning.

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Next we have a great interview here, one of my favorites, from Scott. They are great guys, one of which has been doing it his whole career. He says it very well. I hope you enjoy his interview, as well as the following ones.

On this interview I also got to hear from two other traders. The first I already knew about, but I couldn’t find it for him anywhere. He’s a trader, not a bookie. He lives in the UK, but I talked to him this morning via Skype, and after we ended our conversation he emailed me again to tell me that I may be mistaken on how I’ve been portrayed in my book. He thought I was a “trader” from the beginning, but if I’m “bumping his book”, as he told me, what makes me think this is the case? I did ask him if he would ever make such a mistake again, but he was kind enough to promise that as long as he hasn’t made the same mistake twice, he can only consider it proof of my competence as a bookie. So that’s that.

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The second interview was a different approach. It came from the guy from the blog “Chasing Trends”: “I interviewed him this morning at the trading desk.” “He has no interest in getting his book called. “He said, I was talking about the business as a whole, and while I might make mistakes, it’s not right for me to put into the book anyone who doesn’t deserve

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