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Yes, however, the removal usually is accomplished simply by using the right tools and techniques. This is one of the reasons why most are willing to buy a new tattoo to remove old ones. If the original tattoo was done by a tattoo artist who did some type of tattoo removal, they would probably be more familiar with the removal process. Additionally, some tattoo artists, such as Dave Choo’s, use a chemical process that is less invasive.

What tools do you recommend for new tattoos?

I would recommend a fine scalpel or needle with a long “nose” so you don’t remove as much tissue. I have used a fine-gauge needle, but the needle tip has started to wear off. For tattoo removal, use a dental needle with the tip removed. The needle usually has a “nose” at the back end (or in the back of a dental chair, to be exact), and some are just small dental needles without a “nose” or can be used for some reason other than dental purposes. I would also recommend making sure not to get on the sharp end of a scalpel as it may damage the hair (particularly during removals of tattoos of the face).

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