Can Salt remove tattoos?

Salt is commonly used in various skin care products, but the ability to remove tattoos depends on a number of factors, including whether the tattoo is a chemical or physical one.

If you have a chemical tattoo – meaning you have had it on the skin before – you are the most likely to benefit. Chemicals only take a short time to dissolve in water, but if they are already in contact with water and you are applying a topical gel, you may need some amount of more salt to remove your tattoo. The following is a list of the most common chemicals that are used for permanent tattoos:

Acetone 1.5%

Carbamide 2-3%

Epoxyacrylic acid 2-4%

Formaldehyde 1%

Ethyl acetate 1%

Aluminum hydroxide 3%

Phenol 1%


Antibiotics 1%

Cetearyl Alcohol 1%

Hexacarboxylic acid 2%

Hexacrylic acid 10% (optional)

Phenoxyethanol 1%

Phthalic acid 5-10%

Sodium hydroxide 5-15%

Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate 1-2%

Vincristine 1.5%

Sodium benzoate 25-40%

Synthetic colors 5-15%

How to choose the right amount

To remove a tattoo, a lot depends on the amount and direction of the tattoo. You need to work out the correct amount and direction for the tattoo – it will take some trial and error to find the right amount. But always experiment with different amounts of salt in liquid to get the right amount to get rid of a chemical tattoo permanently.

How can you make your skin look younger?

Use the tips below to help you get rid of tattoos permanently –

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