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How are their names changed? Can you have the exact same tattoo from month to month? Do you have to have “tattoos all over your body?” How is the body washed before you go in the dryer? How long is the wait? Is there a waiting period before your name can be transferred to another person?

All of these questions and more are answered in the “FAQ” page linked below and at the bottom of this page. To access all these questions and more, please click HERE.

Pam Fessler, CTV Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has released a list of services which will be available to residents and visitors.

The service list is a snapshot of services that will be provided the year after the election. There are no promises or recommendations from the province or federal government for specific services and services may be withdrawn in due course, depending on funding and other needs. The list is as follows:

All City services are funded by the City via the annual operating budget.

A basic service list is prepared for all City of Edmonton residents and visitors and are available from the City’s Information Centre.

If an emergency situation arises, please contact the Emergency Operations Centre at 780-423-4567 or email

All services listed below are for Residents, visitors and contractors. Services for residents and contractors may increase between the year of completion and the year after the election.

A service list for every service is available for all Edmonton residents from City of Edmonton Information Centre. Please check this list when you are travelling and at your local library or post office.

Basic service list

All of the basic services provided to residents and guests in the City during the 2016 election season are now available at the City of Edmonton’s City Information Centre.

You can use this service list to find out the services that are currently available in the City of Edmonton so you can make informed decisions about which services are best for you while in the city.

The service list is available for download in two versions, one is for use online and one is for print.
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There are two versions of the online service list:

(in English)

(in German)

For printing use the English version of the service list.

Please note these are print-ready PDF files and may not be displayed to the exact dimensions required when printing.

For printing in both English and German, use the

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