Can some tattoos not be removed? – Tattoo Removal At Home

Yes. Tattoo removal procedures that are effective in achieving this result are described. The type of procedure that is recommended depends mainly on the type of pigment used and the extent to which the pigment will be removed. For any type of skin on the body, a single treatment will remove the entire skin (except for the surface of the skin that is being removed) completely. When the pigment will be removed varies depending on the amount of pigment left in the skin.

For more information on the effects of tattoo removal, please refer to this web page: Tattoo Removal

What type of tattoo application can I undergo?

If you plan to apply any tattoo to your body, please refer to this web page: Tattoo application and a guide to getting it on with proper care.

What should I expect?

Your tattoo will continue to heal after this procedure. You will experience some slight bruising and burning but that’s expected. In addition, tattoo removal could cause other skin problems, such as dryness, redness or itching. If you experience any discomfort, please contact your cosmetic surgeon for advice.

What kind of results can I expect?

You have the right to expect that your tattoo will fade to a darker colour. Your tattoo will not reappear for many months. If you are unsatisfied with your tattoo’s colour, we recommend that you contact your cosmetic surgeon for help.

What should I avoid?

You should not use any kind of tattoo removal or dyeing equipment (i.e. needles, paints, paints containing dyes). Use of the equipment at your own risk. Avoid the burning feeling when the tattoo is removed and use of any other equipment, such as needles, masks, gels and taffies.

Which type of tattoo is best for me?

There is no “best” type of tattoo to choose. Some tattoos are better than others. Some might be too thin for you or you may need more treatment than if you started this treatment early.

What is the treatment for people who have multiple tattoos?

You will be referred for a cosmetic specialist for further treatment after you have had the procedure and there is some indication that there is a new problem with your skin. If this happens, the treatment might be considered less effective due to the risks involved. For such a minor problem, you should not continue treatment until there is more information.

What types of treatment are approved by the Cosmetic and Clinical Science Council?

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