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Yes. First, let’s get it out into the daylight (literally). Get a few pairs of clean running sneakers. You’ll need to take them to the gym, grab a few push-ups, and go do some light stretching. Just take them off after your first few sets and keep going. A few minutes, and you’ll be on your way with no tattoos.

Is it safe to remove a tattoo without anesthesia?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s a chemical process that can change the makeup of the skin around the tattoo. So the tattoo will change a little if you’re not taking the meds, even though you’re using a pain-killing device.

Can I get a tattoo again if I don’t get it done for another 10 years?

It’s safe if you have a fresh skin. The only reason to get a tattoo again is if you don’t want to change anything about what you look like. If you have been out of the shower, you can shave to get a fresh skin. You can do all of that to get a fresh tattoo – and if you have some skin left to take on your own, you will.

Is there another tattoo removal procedure that I should know about?

There are a few options. First: try tattoo removal with a small, safe scalpel like a tattoo removal machine. That way, you won’t need anesthesia. It’s a little more expensive, but the machines are not as painful as a needle can be. Second, if you have a large tattoo like on your shoulder or wrist, use a tattoo removal pen. It’s safe to use and it doesn’t take long to clean out, and it’s quick enough that you can leave the machine running without any pain.

But that’s about it, really. There’s no other pain-killing procedure that I know of. Not even the most expensive.

You have to remember that tattoo removal surgery is a serious procedure. No one wants anything to happen, ever. You’ll want to remember this even though it might seem trivial, like when a woman gets a bad car crash. You are doing anything that you must do to keep a tattoo up. So keep it in mind as you’re doing it.

By John Shiffman

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