Can you remove a tattoo yourself? – Tattoo Removal Cost Calculator

Yes, you can! While I can’t give you the exact instructions here, I can suggest several places to find a specialist to do removal:

Tattoo Removal

If You Don’t Want to Pay, You Can Buy A Tattoo Remover

There’s a growing number of tattoo removal artists who are willing to remove your own tattoos without charge. While the cost is typically on the higher end of what you may otherwise be able to find, it’s still cheaper than using a specialist.

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You’ll have to pay for the removal, but you won’t have to make any permanent alterations to your body. All you will have to do is find someone in your area willing to remove your own tattoos for $20 or less.

There are many different tattoo removal services available. There may be one in your area, or you may even be able to find one that’s been established in another community that will have a different cost.

While I have personally used the service of several (not all) tattoo removal providers, I’m not able to provide specific recommendations for others. There are some things I do like best about them all, but I have no guarantee, so you should check yourself as to which is the best in your area.

For those who may need a more formal or private service, I also recommend looking into getting a tattoo removal by a physician or aesthetician. This will ensure you that the removal isn’t just done in a clinic setting, where someone can sit you down and tell you all your options and procedures, but will require a more professional approach.

You can also find a list of tattoo removal service providers in our Tattoo Removal Services Area Chart.

For your convenience, I have made the information in our Tattoo Removal Service Area Chart easily searchable using Google. I personally use Google for a myriad of services, but if you prefer something else, you can check out our tattoo removal service areas, too.

Is There a Special Cost for Removal?

I will say that when in search for a tattoo removal service provider nearby you’ll generally find that there is a charge for removal. This is not true of all tattoo removal services. There are still some, some, and most tattoo removal services that do not charge for their removal.

The most commonly used tattoo removal service providers are:



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