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No! Tattoos that are covered by New York State health insurance plans must be covered by the Department of Health.

A man who was a guest of honour at the funeral of Prime Minister Nelson Mandela last week, has refused to stand while the national anthem of South Africa is played. But the man and his family said on Thursday there is no racism in the country and that his behaviour was a matter of public policy.

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“He is an old man and there is more to him than his physical appearance. He is a human being, too, and he should be respected, not shamed,” the man’s son Mstihle Ghanem told Reuters.

Sporting journalist Sisukuza Nsali, who has an appearance on the show, questioned whether President Jacob Zuma and the ANC were racist when they played the national anthem, which is traditionally played in mourning.

“I don’t believe the ANC is racist, in my opinion. I don’t believe they are anti-white, I believe they have more to offer and to teach and to guide the African-origin population than to tell us to go out and kill other blacks,” Sisukuza Nsali said.

“I am shocked by the way I feel. I was a guest of the ANC. I feel my personal image has been hurt and I feel it is wrong for me to feel that way,” said the father of five, who owns business in a Johannesburg suburb.

An interesting piece of political wisdom has appeared on a blog that claims “there is a fundamental difference between the people of Israel and the Muslim majority”.

It’s hard to know precisely what a “fundamental” difference of opinion, and what a “fundamental difference of opinion” is, without being able to put two and two together and know where the fence is being drawn.

Let’s start with the premise that there’s one kind of thinking at the heart of these ideas; a premise that’s often repeated about all things Arab, except insofar as it refers to any opinion of any Muslim about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In that respect, I imagine that there will always be one kind of thinking, regardless of whether Israel or the Arabs are the aggressors or the victim.

It’s interesting to see what the Palestinian people’s response has been to such a premise. There’s no point trying to give a straight answer to the question, given the circumstances in which this argument is being expressed–one which seems

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