Do you have to be licensed to do tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Laser Sound

A: No, there are no licensing requirements to remove a tattoo.

Q: What’s the price of tattoo removal

A: I would say $250, $300 or more depending on your tattoo.

Q: Can’t I go to the ER if I’m allergic to tattoo removal medication?

A: No. Although some tattoos are allergic I do not recommend going to the ER for allergy symptoms, such as itching, sensitivity and rash.

Q: Is my tattoo removable?

A: There are only a few reasons why your tattoo may not be removable. There may be a medical reason for the tattoo being damaged or it may be a medical and psychological reason. If your tattoo is not the cause of a medical issue and it’s not covered by insurance you are required to get a new tattoo.
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Q: Do I have to use skin lightening creams or lasers to cover up tattoos?

A: Absolutely not. The majority of tattoo lightening products contain formaldehyde, which is known to cause cancer. The majority of laser tattoo removal treatments do not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals known to cause cancer.

Q: When are tattoo removal treatments taken off?

A: All tattoo treatments are medically supervised. If your tattoo is not the cause of a medical issue, you are not taken off treatment to ensure the safety of your person and yourself and need to get treated. When treatments are taken off, a new tattoo is removed.

Q: What if the tattoo needs to be fixed?

A: In fact the more tattoos you take out, the more likely you are to need to fix your tattoo.

Q: Can I use tattoos to promote certain events that may not be right for me?

A: Yes, as long as you follow the same guidelines for any tattoo in your book that you had previously worn, your tattoo will stay on.

Q: Why is it okay to take a tattoo off?

A: Tattoos are meant to be there. Tattoos make you feel beautiful, they help you express yourself. When you remove a tattoo, it shows you who you are as a person and how much you value your personhood and self-image. Tattoos are a part of your self-image and your self-confidence so the tattoo should help promote you to your new self.

Q: What are the best tattoo removal products for tattoo removal?

A: Most people will

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