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If you do not want to use topical or surgery, do the laser tattoo removal by itself in a dark room. Some people prefer a light box or desk lamp to prevent the ink from drying up.

How is laser tattoo removal done? Laser tattoo removal consists of two steps: laser therapy (injections) and phototherapy (scanners). Laser therapy can be done in the bed with the patient bedside, or you can do it during the outpatient visit when you bring him or her in your office so you can get the treatment done on the bed.

How does laser treatment work? A laser emits infrared light, which creates a laser spot. When you scan someone’s tattoos, your laser’s intensity is adjusted to a specific level to stimulate and soften the tattoo. The intensity level depends on the size of the tattoo; it usually is between 0.8 and 1.0, but the intensity is also adjusted on an outpatient basis to match the patient’s condition.

How is laser tattoo removal approved to be done in the United States? Most laser treatments and procedures are approved for offsite use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you decide to continue your laser treatment after it has been approved for offsite use, the FDA requires you to follow certain rules: You must treat the tattoo with the FDA-approved method of topical laser therapy or with a procedure approved to treat the condition of the tattoo.

There is no approved offsite treatment option for the treatment of laser tattoos and scars.

Any additional treatment procedures should be ordered only when needed for an offsite tattoo or scar.

Keep all laser tattoo removal orders confidential.

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If you decide to continue with laser tattoo removal after it has been approved for offsite use, the FDA advises patients to monitor their skin after laser treatment for infection or other signs of laser burn or irritation. How often does laser tattoo removal work? Laser tattoo removal takes about 1 to 4 weeks to do fully. It may take less time depending on the type of tattoo. It’s common for laser treatment to stop after 1 week. In some cases, people are still comfortable with the tattoo, and laser treatment continues to be done for another month or so.

What happens if my tattoo isn’t healed after laser treatment? Some tattoos may be still healing, or some visible skin is starting to appear (papules), or the skin may not be returning back to a healthy and shinny appearance after your laser treatment. This is called post-f

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