Does tattoo removal leave scars? – Tattoo Darker After Laser

Not quite. Tattoos are a type of tattoo. When your tattoo is removed, the tattoo doesn’t go away. It will likely go away, but not permanently. But because your tattoo has been removed, you’ll be left with a scar. This scar, if left untreated and unattractive, may last a lifetime. The scar will probably look something like this: The scarring is actually from the original tattoo. Your scars may vary in size (the larger the scar, the less noticeable the original scar). Your scar may look like this: If you’re interested in learning more about your scars, you can take a visit to your own doctor. If you have questions or comments, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page or visit our facebook page.
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(The above photo was kindly provided to us by Jodie Loo.)

In this study, we examined whether the human female genitalia have a phylogenetic pattern of morphological change. We have discovered that within-sex changes in the male genitals are most frequent at the vertex and the shaft and fewer at the tail (Fig. 1). These structural changes, which are most commonly referred to as penile reduction and scrotal enlargement, have been previously interpreted as evidence for sexual dimorphism in humans11. However, we have found that these structural changes are also present in chimpanzees and orangutans. Our results provide the first evidence for the occurrence of such a pattern in the female genitalia of two species of primate. The findings thus provide an empirical basis for exploring the phylogenetic position of these changes in the female genitalia, which could be used as potential targets for reconstructing the evolutionary history of the human female form.

Fig. 1. Proportion of structural changes observed in the human female genitalia over the entire lifetime of the individual. (a) Total number and the number of changes observed, as determined from a comparative analysis of data for five anatomic regions, from (B). (b) Partial length-morphometric, relative to length-morphometric, histologic, and histologic-functional data (mean±SD) from eight male and eight female subjects, with the average length being 2.1±0.9mm (n=24). (c) Histologically documented penile changes as measured from skin and hair as described in Ref. 11. The histological examination reveals a number of structural changes, which were more common in men than in women. The change in the length was first

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