How do you remove kids tattoos at home? – Is Tattoo Removal Worth It

While it may look intimidating, it’s pretty simple once you know the steps.

First, clean your child’s skin with gentle soap and water and pat it smooth. Then, gently wipe away any remaining tattooing.

Once you get it completely clean, apply some oil or glycol to the tattoo to seal it back in place. If there’s still some ink, it can be used again.

How to remove tattoos from the back of a child

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Here are some of our tips:

When in a rush? Take the kid to a reputable art therapist who’s experienced in restoring tattoos

When your child is crying? Take him to a licensed child psychologist who specializes in the subject

When your child is stressed? Take him to a licensed clinical social worker

How long does it take to remove your child’s tattoos?

The average time for a tattoo to be fully absorbed is around 10-14 days and it usually takes a combination of all of the above methods to get them off.

You may have experienced that you have some unwanted tattoo on your body, but now you know how to get it removed. Take these basic steps to help you get rid of unwanted ones at home (and abroad).

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