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We do not know, but it is possible to scratch your skin.

How soon can a person get the tattoo? After your tattoo is removed, you can wear it comfortably for weeks and then remove it.

Will a tattoo leave any scars? Tattoos can leave scars and there is no way to remove the skin around the tattoo. They won’t be noticeable.

Can you remove a tattoo with lasers? In general, it is very difficult to remove tatoo and it will take more care than removal by traditional methods.

Can I tattoo my skin outside of the body? Tattoos can be done inside the body, on your body, on your house or on your car.

Are you eligible to have tattoos in France? Generally, tattoos are only available for women. In 2013, the law was changed to allow women with tattoos to apply, but not to continue to have them. This change is coming into place in 2017.

When will I be able to get the tattoo removed? The tattoo will usually come off in 2-3 weeks, but it depends on your tattoo.

When is tattoo removal possible? Generally, your tattoo comes off when you wash your body and you can leave the body until the tattoo is gone. However, you shouldn’t wash your hair until after your next shower so the tattoo will stick to your head and may not come off in time.

I don’t feel comfortable about getting a new tattoo. What can I do? As long as you’re comfortable having an injection or using your nails or a needle, you can have a tattoo. Some people have a stronger preference for tattoo removal. If this sounds like you, find a specialist in the form of an art gallery.

Can you give a medical opinion? Yes, they can say whether or not your tattoo is a good fit.

The pros and cons of getting a tattoo

Pros: the tattoo will make you look more handsome when you’re out in public and it will increase your self confidence.

Cons: there are potential health risks due to the use of tattoo removal lasers.

How do you know if a tattoo is working for you? If you have a tattoo that gives you an erection, you may have a good fit for a tattoo, but there may be risks.

You can use the chart as a reference to see if it works for you

If you’re in the middle of deciding between getting a tattoo, or not, then find experts

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