How much do tattoo removal Techs Make? – Tattoo Removal Laser Sound

The chart below looks at the average hourly rate to be provided by a technician in the US (United States). The average hourly rate is given based on the past 2-3 years.

The hourly rate is then compared to the pay scale of the average company on the same level.

The top 10 locations get paid the most.

This means, the top 10 locations will get anywhere from an average of approximately USD 6 – 14 for a tattoo removal Tech. However, all tech salaries are based on a combination of the region in USA and the age of the worker.

Salary range for tattoo removal technology jobs in this particular region:

City (USA) Age(s) Avg Pay (USD) Average Annual Salary ($) 1 Houston $46,000 +13% 2 LA $41,800 +13% 3 Miami $43,800 -6% 4 NYC, NY $42,800 +7% 5 San Francisco $41,300 -9% 6 San Jose $45,300 -14% 7 Tampa $45,700 -2% 8 Dallas $41,300 +6% 9 Denver $40,500 +10% 10 Portland, OR $40,900 +11%

Are you looking for full time or part time jobs in tattoo removal technology?

If you’re a recruiter with a specific job description and are looking for tattoo removal techs to fill the positions, apply here:

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