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“The best,” says John, “would be a full scale operation,” and that would cost about $40,000. The price you pay to get the full PicoSure treatment is $3500 per year, and if you get some tattoos from a reputable doctor, you probably shouldn’t worry about the extra cost.

A federal investigation has begun into whether one of the U.S. Capitol Police officers allegedly beat a handcuffed suspect during a traffic stop last summer is a federal employee or an employee working for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). An MDC spokesperson confirmed the investigation’s inception and said a spokesperson for both the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the MDC are expected to brief the media on the case later this afternoon.

“At this time, the facts of the case, including the allegation of improper conduct by one of our officers, are under federal investigation and we believe an investigation by the Department of Justice is warranted,” said a MDC spokesperson.

According to documents obtained by the Guardian, in late April of last year, an MPD officer pulled over Robert Lattin, 40, after he drove his car onto the Mall, causing extensive damage to the property behind Congress’ offices. Lattin had a large amount of luggage on his lap when he arrived at the police department in search of the trunk that he believed contained cash, along with a small cache of marijuana and a gun that was recovered from the car.

According to the documents, the MPD officer claimed Lattin drove his red Hyundai Sonata “erratically” during their two-mile pursuit that began at an intersection in Southwest Washington. During the pursuit, Lattin’s car “repeatedly swerved, veered and missed an officer while running through a red light,” according to the documents. Once the Sonata reached the intersection of I St. and H St., Lattin ran the speed limit in order to escape a pursuit that ended at an intersection in Southwest D.C.
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Lattin’s car struck a parked car. Officers were unable to apprehend him.

According to the documents, the MPD officer who was allegedly involved during the chase had been trained as one of the department’s most proficient negotiators. According to the MDC spokesperson, two of his former supervisors were placed on leave while investigations took place on their behalf. Lattin was subsequently fired from the MPD and placed on paid administrative leave, though an MPD spokesperson said

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