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While your tattoo can look horrible and you may feel sick and have a very uncomfortable feeling, you probably won’t feel that pain yourself. Although this is extremely painful, you may also not be ready to see a doctor right away because you’ve probably seen many doctors over the years. If you get a minor burn or scratch, you’ll probably be better off healing over a couple of days.

If you want a big tattoo, you need an outpatient procedure where you’re getting a surgeon to remove your tattoo. A major tattoo will take up to a week and you will probably need hospital treatment if there’s any damage to your skin or your wound is infected. In-patient therapy will also help to ease your stress. If you’ve already had an outpatient procedure, a second (in-home) one probably won’t hurt.

How long do I have to wait before the tattoo removal starts?

The average time of tattoo removal is 4-6 weeks.

Before you see someone to see if you’re in a good place, you need to check what treatment will help you most. Depending on the situation, there may be a more immediate need, so it’s important that you schedule a date for your next appointment with your physician.

You may have to wait a few days for your tattoo to heal and then you need a follow-up visit from your physician.

If your tattoo is large, the surgeon may choose to try to reattach some of the ink. It may be painful, but you’ll probably have to have a follow-up appointment at least a week after the tattoo removal.

How do I decide what size to have?

Your doctor may recommend one size, such as a large or a small, for your tattoo, depending on the type of tattoo you have. Your doctor may even ask whether you’ve gone to others first – that is, are you willing to get a tattoo somewhere else?

If you want a tattoo on the same side as a shoulder, or even on a different shoulder, it may be best to have it smaller.

I’m being treated for a serious condition or injury that won’t improve soon, is it safe for me to get a tattoo?

It’s very common for people to get tattoos during treatment for serious illnesses and injuries that will take at least four weeks to heal, so please be very careful when deciding to get a tattoo during treatment. There is only one person of any age that can need a tattoo

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