Is there a natural way to remove a tattoo? – Tattoo Removal Cream Kit

You can use a thin needle to remove small numbers of tattoo and ink, and a scalpel for larger, less-visible tattoos. This procedure should be performed by a veterinarian and should be performed under local anaesthetic. If the tattoo is too big to remove on its own, it’s always better to consult with an experienced vet about removing it using a scalpel or needle.

Should you get rid of it? Yes. If you don’t want it back as part of your body changing, don’t touch your tattoos. If you want to wear your new tattoo you’ll need to take it off.

Is my own skin safe? No – tattoos are not recommended for people under the age of 70. Those with an allergy to the pigments in tattoo ink can get an allergic reaction to some of our products and could experience allergic reactions upon contact with our products. These products are also available in a safe alternative form via the NHS.
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Do I have to pay for my tattoo again? Yes. The cost for our Tattoo Removal Service will be charged directly from the Tattoo Removal Appreciation Fund.

How do you make money? Your tattoos are the product that supports our vision by paying for the production of our Tattoo Removal Service.

How can I protect my tattoo? You can choose one of our Tattoo Protection Options. We will advise you of the best option to protect your tattoo whilst you wait for our service.

How can I get back my original tattoo? Once we’ve removed your tattoo from your body, you’ll need to let us know your intention. If you’re dissatisfied with your tattoo, contact Tattoo Removal and one of our friendly customer care staff will offer you a full refund (minus postage) of any original cost for a complete return.

How long can I expect to wait? Our Tattoo Removal Service is designed to remove tattoos as quickly as possible and we can deliver in several stages to your desired tattoo location depending on the quality of tattoo removal performed.

Why is Tattoo Removal expensive? Tattoo Removal is not cheap as some very small tattoos could cost upwards of $500. Tattoo Removal costs more than this as we must use an anti-bacterial substance, adhesive and medical supplies, and we do not have the same insurance coverage as our other products.

What if there’s a problem? Contact Tattoo Removal as soon as possible and we’ll work hard to resolve any problem your tattoo has during your tattoo removal service. Make sure

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