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The hardest tattoos are also the easiest to remove. But, like any part of the body, they can take a bit of time to heal.

We recommend you leave the first tattoo on for a month or two in order to get the necessary circulation to the rest to heal properly. Then when it is time to remove it we recommend you use an anti-tarnish wax for an easy clean up.

What type of tattoo can get the most skin damage?


It is no surprise as all parts of the body are at risk of bonding. Most bonders are young boys, but it can be any age as well.

Skin damage will result from:


Drainage, drying, over drying and sun exposure
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A tattoo with the same color on a male or female will leave you looking like you are a mess or as if you just had a shower! Not ideal mate material…

It is important to take precautions when removing a tattoo as this can leave you with permanent scarring. Don’t forget that with the right products every single one of your bodies tattoos can be removed!

Skin Damage Removal

Bonded tattoos are the toughest of all tattoos.

One of the best things that can be done to remove a bonder tattoo is to give some anti-bonding wax over it. This should help reduce the amount of the tattoo on your skin.

There are a wide range of products on the market to deal with bonders. These range from “stick” type products to anti-bonding waxes that are highly sought after.

If you want to leave the tattoo on for a bit longer, you can also apply a special type of anti-bonding wax (which is sometimes called an “art treatment”), but it is expensive so use it as a last resort.

What type of tattoo can stay with you forever?

The toughest tattoo is bound to be on your body in the form of a permanent tattoo.

It is impossible to remove permanently!

There are several tattoo removal methods available to remove bonders.

It can be done by hand with a permanent nail file – which can cause bruising or even infection of your skin, etc.

It can be removed by tattoo removal techniques such as tattoo removal lasers.

Some people will use tattoo removal tattoos when they want to get rid of an old tattoo, or to change

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