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And which are the most difficult? You can easily remove any tattoo if you’re careful, but you’ll likely need to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Here are the most common types of tattoo removal, from simplest (minor) to easiest (major).

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1. Post-it Notes

What is it? A post-it note that your body’s painted with a design to keep track of any new information you want to have on there or to use later. The design on the post it note is typically a black or white line that runs up the body from the chin to the waist, making it especially helpful if you want to do any kind of a tattooing that needs to be visible on the body — such as a design tattoo on a neck, hip, knee.

What’s the best way to remove the post-it? Do it just like you would any tattooing, in a way that leaves no permanent mark. It’s easier if you wear a clean face mask over your mouth before you start the removal process. Then, apply two layers of rubbing alcohol on your skin and gently wipe away the post- it with a cotton bud, not a cloth. It’s a quick and easy procedure, which can be completed in a few seconds, and you can get back up and going as normal as if you hadn’t just removed a piece of tattoo.

What’s the easiest way to remove this type of tattoo? First, use your tongue and then rub your lips together. If you have a lot of post- it, it’s best to do this one at a time, rather than with a pair of clean hands. The amount of alcohol will help dissolve the tattoo, so stick with it.

2. Scars

What is it? That little pinkish-red spot or scratch that shows up at the back of your neck, usually near the jawline. The most common tattoo removal method is to use an oil-based removal technique called burnishing. Using some sort of abrasive, such as a toothbrush, scrub down all of the scar tissue until the skin is fully pink, then let it dry. This process is very safe and will usually remove the tattoo. Just because you’ve removed a tattoo doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, so be sure to use a safe and effective method of tattoo removal.

Photo: J. Maus/Bust

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