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Don’t forget to wash your tattoo skin thoroughly with soap and water after laser tattoo removal to help prevent any remaining tattoos from re-appearing.

When do I need a dermatologist? And when?

You should see a Dermatologist if:

Your skin is inflamed or infected.

You have had a significant change (such as redness, swelling, pain or a change in appearance) in the size or shape of your tattoo since laser tattoo removal.

The colour or texture of your permanent tattoo is discoloured, faded or discoloured because of the laser treatment.

If your tattoo changes in colour or texture, your doctors may recommend the use of a new tattoo in order to preserve your tattoo’s original colour and texture.

And if your tattoo changes in size or shape, or you suspect it may be discoloured, faded or discoloured because of laser tattoo removal, your doctors may recommend the use of a new tattoo in order to preserve your tattoo’s original colour.

When can I expect to get a new tattoo?

Your doctors will advise the date that you can expect to receive a new tattoo.
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Once your treatments have finished, your tattoo will often become weaker and you may need an appointment for the repair of the tattoo to ensure that your new tattoo is in the best possible condition.

Which tattoos are removable (removable ink)?

Here is an infographic to help you understand the different treatment modalities:

An early Christmas present for the man who likes to think he knows what’s best.


1. The new M-1912 Carbine with a fully modified stock. The stocks are not removable as the M-1912 was fitted with them.

This one has a slightly different stock pattern and an integral front sight which is very hard to find and is used in the Russian Mosin Nagants

This rifle is the only one in the collection that can be cleaned as the manual requires cleaning both the bolt carrier and the bolt as well as the entire barrel and a whole cleaning kit (5-gallon bucket of water, 50 grit sand paper and a rag). The gun is one of the most difficult to clean of any Mosin for its high amount of maintenance but if you can work with it (or get away with a few) it’s a fine piece of kit.

2. A very early M-26 submachine gun used almost exclusively in

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