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1. Do not attempt to remove or treat laser-sensitivity. You will burn up the incision, scar tissue. The healing process is much more likely to make you regret what you did and get you in trouble with the insurance company (and lose out on your benefits). Also, it will take longer.

2. Do not remove your tattoos on pain medication. If you don’t get laser treatment, you will likely end up with permanent incisions; you will not be able to get a laser tattoo tattoo removal.

3. Do not go into “heat.” There are more chances of burn than of pain, so don’t go into heat unnecessarily when cutting or removing an incision. In a case like this, the surgery is the easy part.

4. Be a smart tattooing person (and not a tattooing whore). It is unlikely that you will get a tattoo removal that will look good or make you money. If you don’t mind cutting them out and risking burning them, then do it right and treat it like you treat any surgical procedure.

5. Learn how to properly cut and handle your tattoo. You may need to take the incisions very carefully and do so with safety scissors, safety pins or safety pads.

It sounds complicated, but the majority of tattoos are self-inflicted. Some people just won’t stop. We really need to learn how to treat this type of tattoo pain.

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