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The first thing you should think of is to compare your old pictures and see if you have any similarities. Take for instance the photos of your children and the new ones of your grandchildren if you have any. Also, the color of your skin will likely have some influence on some colors of your tattoos.

Now take a look at a tattoo in person. Try to imagine how it’s going to look once you have it. You might have to make a choice between the colors. If you had more reds and purples to choose from, or a white and red combination, this would be more of a consideration.

Some people would rather not think about that part, but as time goes by, your skin will change to such a degree that it will have less similarities with the pictures it originally had. It may not make much of a difference, but it will have an affect on the result.

This is what happens when your child is born: the photos of your kid’s tattoos fade fast before you have any. In contrast, if you have a teenager now, there are not as much similarities in the color of your tattoos. Your tattoos will still fade faster when your child gets older.

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I know some parents who get tattoos for their children because they didn’t think of those things. I also know the pain of having to choose, and sometimes it’s not an easy choice. I also know parents who hate their own tattoos. So I decided to do some research on the topic to answer some of your questions about tattoos. Here are some articles you might like to read:

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I hope you have a relaxing day by reading about these questions, as reading about them, and discussing everything we have written is usually a good morning/evening activity.

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