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My grandfather was a professional gambler and he never won a single bet on roulette. I only remember how I would get up from my seat and go on to the next betting station as a child. For a very long time, my grandfather said that the only way you could win on the Roulette table was to get into that “good old game of skill” before going out in front of someone. If any other gambler was around, they had to get up and walk off the table. In all my childhood, I did not get very far with it until I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was a fun game to play.

When it came to the “skill of betting,” was there a difference between skill and probability, and who came out on top?

Most of us could only play a roulette table when we were 11 years old. The more you learned about playing roulette, the more you played it. The table was all about chance. If a table had a high probability of landing on black, the odds were astronomical. If a table had a low probability, the odds were even more astronomical. The roulette gambler did not have the luxury of waiting until the middle of the game to win. I can still remember exactly how I could tell that we were really in bad shape. Just as I made my first bet at 12 years old, our casino was running out of chips. This happens from time to time and was not unexpected – a machine’s failure was a common occurrence. As the game’s odds continued to get more dire – the machines would shut down completely. But a small minority of gamblers chose to keep playing. When it did end, their betting was probably much larger than the casino’s initial betting totals. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult situation for anyone to overcome. After some time – maybe 3-5 minutes – the machines began to come back on.

Did you ever take time to think about gambling in school?

During my early childhood, I had absolutely no interest in gambling when I was growing up. I even did nothing of the sort. On the rare occasions I ever did play roulette – the very first time – I was the only person in the casino’s waiting room at the time and did not participate in the sport of betting. Most gambling didn’t interest me at all until I was 22 or so.

Do you think that gambling is bad for your health?

I don’t think

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