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“I haven’t seen any professional roulette players yet. I did try it once. I won twice. One of them is the player who won in Monaco a year back – the guy I played against is still around. He was probably the biggest cheater in the history of the sport. I won a lot at Monte Carlo back then. I could have won more if I didn’t have to wait one week.

“I was in a different world back then in Monaco. I would have won more if this is the beginning of everything.”

What was your last win at a roulette machine?

“The last two times I won in Monte Carlo were with blackjack. This time we were at roulette.”

You don’t use an extra hand anymore when buying at a roulette machine?

“I don’t do it anymore. I don’t like the idea anymore. People need to be aware of all the things that can happen. If you lose your money, you lose it. With that, some are more inclined to play more roulette. But that’s not the point. One should just be aware, but in the end you get what you pay for. I’ve been there in Las Vegas once, I won, and I lost. This time I won, so I can say that’s how it is, but I don’t like losing now.”

From The Vault – Fallout Wiki

Quick walkthrough The story of the Great Valley. Kill all of the ghouls in the Great Valley’s cave, for the quest to end the war. Discover a way to end the war.

Detailed walkthrough Talk to the Courier in the Great Valley. Talk to Marcus Fiddler in a random encounter near a caravan. Explore the tunnel. Continue through the tunnel. Learn about the Great Valley. Destroy the Great Valley. Find the cave in the mountains.

Quick walkthrough (verified) This quest can be started with the ability to talk to a caravan guard in the Great Valley. For the quest to lead to the cave, the guard must be talked to by one of several people, and then the Courier must be prompted to talk to him. This quest can be started with: 10 Broken Steel, 10 Goodsprings (only required if the player is starting from The Pitt prior to the quest). The Courier must have completed both the Broken Steel and Goodsprings quests for the player character. 10 Broken Steel, 20 Goodsprings (only required if both quests

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