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Roulette is a game that allows you to make a ball that changes color according to a predetermined set of rules. There are many different roulette systems, but their mechanics are identical — you play and win balls that change color by a set of rules — and that’s the way we designed all our components.

Will the Kickstarter money be used to fund the production and ship of these dice?

Our funding goal will allow us to print a limited number of high-quality dice, specifically chosen for our product, but our final goal is to purchase a tool and die manufacturers to produce a variety of custom dice and game pieces. Each product will have its own unique die, and they are expected to arrive in our warehouse by the end of June. We believe these dice will be a great addition to any roulette table.

What is your preferred dice?

We have a wide range of dice, which we’ve spent the past couple years perfecting to produce the perfect die for every dice table. We’ve made a number of adjustments to the die as we’ve refined the design, and we love every one of them and still use many at our table.

Why don’t every dice have a silver disc on a gold plated plated body?

Our first goal was that each dice be identical and each have exact same markings, but it turns out the silver disc is a little more desirable because it gives the dice a bit more contrast. We’ve added silver disc-less dice and it’s more of a cosmetic update than you’d likely notice because the silver is so light it blends in more. We do offer a number of our dice with silver discs, but they are custom made for our game, and they take up significantly more space in packaging. These custom dice only ship as they are ordered (within 1 week of your Kickstarter project). Other than that, we have silver plated versions available to all backers, and they will have the same markings as silver dice. We’ve been making custom dice for more than 20 years, and we understand that there are a lot of collectors out there who want a custom die of theirs.

How are dice made?

To produce each dice, we use a metal powder called “dip.” We then mix this into a thick dough which is then folded and then pressed into the die. The thickness of the dough determines the number of pieces that the dice are capable of making.

How do dice get rolled?

We use

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