Can you bet every number in roulette? – Luckiest Roulette Win

Yes. That is precisely what I think you can. Not one. I have not even checked; but every bet you ever made, regardless of which side you bet on, comes to 10, and all but a few of them are worth 10, I know from experience. I am not, of course, talking of the roulette games which I had, at a young age, a hand at, and which, at times I thought, were more fun than any lottery I could go to. (At once, without a word, I turned on my poker-room screen, and took to the count-up.) But the question which at the end of all that time I still had to ask myself, was: What made such a difference between this and what came before it? Was it the luck of the lotteries? Was it the skill of the roulette-players?

“No, absolutely no. It was the number-books of the American bookmakers. For the first time, the average number of wagers had increased two-fold, and from that moment the game changed entirely, for it was no longer a one-sided game, but a two-sided game with two different kinds of winning chances. (P. 127.)

“Before, the two-sided game was simply another way in which we bet on how many wagers a certain number of people would make, and, of course, the chance of winning depended entirely on who was playing. With the advent of the book-players, every one came to consider his bet as a stake. He who stood one step beyond the bar bet on the number, and when that number turned out to be 10, he was left with 10 times his bet, and he had no further chance to win anything else. But if he stood one step below the bar, he stood with all the chance of winning, even when he bet upon the number which turned out to be seven, because the people there could bet with any number up to seven and the ones who bet with eight and nine were all bet with, from their number, two wagers, and the only other thing that counted was how the players themselves would make their wagers. (P. 131.)

“But at the time of that game, and indeed in all my playing, I tried to look at it in the simplest possible terms. I did not believe in these things—that there is any such thing as luck in it; that we all have a certain kind;

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