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A) Yes, I can do that B) No, there is no such thing as magic or luck C) Sometimes, but not usually


A: What are you doing with the keys in this case?

B: Your key is missing; where did they go?

A: The keys have been moved to a safe place; is there a problem?

B: Yes, there is.

A: Then where is it?

B: In your pocket.

A: Is it safe?


1) A good detective should always believe in his investigations and always believe in what he is investigating. They should not make guesses, because they are always going to be wrong. Instead, investigators should believe that their discoveries are the result of some good reason and should never believe that they are the result of luck.

2) When a case is close to being solved, investigators should make their deductions quickly and thoroughly. They should never, ever rely on their intuition and, if they do, that intuition should be checked before the conclusion is reached. Once a case has come as close as it ever has, investigators should not hesitate in closing it. They should not give into the temptation of looking at a suspect or the case as a whole while their conclusions are still in process. Instead, they should not be swayed by the fact that many witnesses have come forward and all those witnesses have stated that the same man was the one who robbed them; they should not be swayed by that statement. No matter how much evidence there may be to the contrary, the suspect cannot be ruled out as the perpetrator.
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3) Investigators should not take their time and always make the decision on the case based on the facts and evidence presented at the scene, and that there must be no mistake. In most robberies, people who were inside the building at the time but left before a robbery took place usually die from the gunshot wound or suffocation. The robber can be excluded once he is proved to have left when he could have been arrested for robbery and taken into custody and incarcerated until the time of a trial if the robber was truly an accomplice. Once the suspect is excluded as the perpetrator, no further action is necessary. There is absolutely no need to go through any additional investigative steps or check for inconsistencies. It is a matter of putting the pieces together. If you are looking for an “easy” robbery,

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