Can you play roulette for a living? – How To Win Playing Roulette

Yes. Roulette is my passion. Every day, I’m doing that. My passion is sports, but I can do both. I play Roulette every day, because I like to see what happens. I also play chess – it’s fun to play the game.

What is something you like about Roulette?

How it plays you!

How about Poker?

I don’t like poker.

How is this going to affect you, being an entrepreneur?

I don’t think so. I don’t like to be in situations from which I don’t have control.

Are there going to be any more bets?

I’m going to stop after I’m done.

You don’t know the outcome yet.

Are you surprised that the bank won?

I’m happy that it happened. If I lose, I still have a good life, a happy family. And now I’m going to take all the money from my bank account.”

Can you have one more bet?


Any one more bets?

Oh yes, more.

When did you know that you’re going to open the casino?

I was already selling books in school and there are not many people that are interested in that sort of thing. I felt it was interesting but not my specialty, so I couldn’t afford to open up a casino.

When you were studying at university you sold books while studying and you just thought, I can make this. You’ve always had this passion for it.

To be honest, you can do what you want. I just wanted to make sure that when I’m working, there isn’t a moment when I think, “My God, this is what I’m actually doing here,” because I know it will turn out okay.

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When did you find your passion?

When I was working in an office, I used to read a lot. And then I came across a book called “Wizards and Warriors.” I’ve been in love with it since then. You’ve probably read it at some point.

Do you know why?

I know because I’ve been reading the book. I think you can read it while you’re driving, too.

Have you ever had a gambling addiction?

No, I don’t have one. Never have.

Do you do something else when you’re bored?

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