Can you play roulette for a living? – Roulette Strategy That Works

Absolutely! But I’ve always been fascinated by the act so I’ve never gotten into it. To be quite honest, I actually think that what people consider the game of roulette is really no fun at all. It would not fit in my house. I don’t think it is as glamorous as it is portrayed in the movies.

Is there ever a point that you say no? Sometimes I’m just like, “I can’t stop right now.”

It’s a very seductive game. And I have an interesting way of putting it: I’m like the magician who can actually make people see the outcome and how it’s going to feel and how it’s going to feel afterward, but it’s very, very, very difficult.

What happens if you choose to pay more than you normally would? Or play only two turns? Or do you have a limit to how much money you can lose?

The whole point of roulette is that it’s the kind of game that you don’t really understand until you win. And really, it’s an act of self-denial. I’m very careful. It’s something I do every morning. You have to do it right. There are definitely moments when I just don’t know what to do — and just want to go back to bed. But that’s just one of the reasons I’m still here.

What are some places in Philadelphia that you haven’t gone yet?

There has yet to be an opportunity to go to Philadelphia in my lifetime, but there may in the future, especially with my kids and my wife. I have been invited but I’ve not yet signed up for the event. And also, I do play poker in Las Vegas. I’m going there this weekend and I can bet on live events and it’s an easy way to win a lot of money. And it’s something that’s fun that I don’t have to do anything with.

Have you been to any of the casinos there?

Oh yeah. My wife is from Philadelphia so we go to a lot of casinos and we’ve been to a couple over the years — and there are some incredible casinos in Philly, there’s just no way around it. Philadelphia is not only my home it’s the birthplace of sports in America, so a lot of sports folks live here: We had a couple guys from San Antonio come out there a couple years ago and we did a little charity event together. It’s a beautiful city

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