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He might. It makes a lot of sense. Most suicides by young men do have something to tell us: the way they behaved, their relationship with the self, the way they perceived themselves, the way that they felt about the whole world, and, most importantly, their relationship with “God.”

The first step to understanding suicides is to understand why they occur and to understand how they are committed, and we can do that by taking the time to examine the relationship between suicide and other major life transitions. In addition, because we see it so often, in every culture, including our own, we must stop conflating suicide with violence and aggression and start trying to understand it for its part in the creation of an individual.

A suicide is an attempt to end or end one’s life (suicide is a violent action, just as killing oneself is) as a result of suicidal feelings or thoughts. These feelings or thoughts may occur suddenly, or they may be persistent, recurring, or persistent, and may develop in response to an outside event, including a crisis, or to an internal problem in the mind or body (such as feelings of isolation, anger, or guilt). However, suicide attempts frequently do not represent a conscious choice or intention to end one’s life. Suicide is the failure to recognize that one wants to die and that the only means to stop one’s death is by making the choice to live (and not to die).

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The most important factor in the development of a suicide decision is the person’s relationship with God and/or the sense of the self that the person feels is not complete unless it can end in life. This is a relationship between the individual and God that is deeply interrelated, not a relationship between the self and a specific external event. When all people in a society have a sense, and this is part of the fundamental nature of humanity, of a personal relationship with God that goes beyond the individual and embraces the nation and other populations and cultures, the tendency of suicide will become a thing of the past, a thing of the past for those who are willing to admit it, and then will not become a problem that continues over the generations. These people, the suicide ideologues, will go back to calling it “self-harming violence.” But it is not “self-harming” violence. Rather, suicide is the death of the self, and the end to that death is a new life. People will not be killed because of an external force or by

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