Do professional gamblers exist? – Roulette Winning Formula

No doubt. But what about those who can’t beat a lot of big bad roulette machines? Is professional gamblers more likely than not more likely to spend all day in front of a slot machine, without being able to do anything with it except jack, or can a few thousand winnings a month be enough to pay the bills and still have a little money left over for a nice pair of jeans and maybe some decent footwear? Can a handful of bad hours, or a few big losses combined with a bad day, create the need for a full blown life or death campaign in order to get out of a bad situation? No. In a few dozen million years, most of the human race may be extinct. This fact alone is one of the key reasons that a proper life strategy will never be developed, and in the long run only a good life strategy and no bad life strategy can lead to a long or healthy life. However the “life strategy” concept is still extremely useful to describe an individual’s life strategy, and so is its definition as one component of an overall survival strategy (the life strategy is not unique to a single human being) as well as several components of a general survival strategy, including (among other things) lifestyle, education, intelligence, physical strength and ability, health, and psychological disposition. The first three components can be described as individual traits that can be influenced at a genetic level, whereas the last two components have to be influenced by the environment and the individual.

The life concept has to be seen as a psychological concept, which means that an individual’s life strategy is influenced by many other individuals who he knows within a social, family, and social network, and from whom he can communicate information about the state of his life, the course his own career is taking, the risks he is taking, what he has gained in wealth, power and happiness, what things are important to him and how he can best utilize them.

The life-saving or survival strategy is a general one which is relevant to virtually every human being on the planet (or is likely to be the case) for at least their entire life span, irrespective of his/her physical condition, or even of his/her ability to survive in life.

For example: in the case of a single mother without children, the survival strategy would include her ability to create and care for herself and her children regardless of her personal condition, and to provide her children’s needs. This will not become an issue in her future, because

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