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The man who died in Moscow is now a national hero, a former political prisoner who was thrown from a top floor window. He is the victim of political persecution, but he became a national hero because he was a human being, not some political symbol. And the problem is that the Kremlin is hell-bent on demonizing him, as though it were a real-life case of political repression, not political satire and the death of an unjustly accused character actor.

“We’ve seen the Russian regime put those who’ve defected on trial – and in some instances, guilty of terrorism,” wrote columnist Vadim Karasyov. But is there really any reason for that? To punish people like this, who have given life to what we think of as an alternative, liberal regime?

This is a question we have to ask ourselves: What is Putin’s point in imprisoning them, imprisoning some of his closest relatives for treason, even when they were innocent?

Putin’s point in imprisoning them, imprisoning some of his closest relatives for treason (Photo: Yury Gostinyuk)

“Putin will probably end up imprisoning tens of thousands more, to put the final nail in the coffin of democracy itself,” declared Putin critic Boris Nemtsov recently, referring to the thousands of protesters arrested since the Putin administration began an anti-protest crackdown that started last February (see video above). As of October, nearly 200,000 people were in jail cells. Even as it tries to contain the rebellion, he keeps arresting people, arresting them for “terrorism” and other charges, not for the protests.

Is it really so difficult to figure out what is really going on here? How can “terrorism” be a crime in Russia even when it’s the kind of activity that would be considered something that happens in most countries?

Putin is not interested in democracy; he is not interested in human rights. He’s an autocrat. And in Russia, people are punished not by a democratic system but by the police state, which is his creation. They want to keep him in power; people who oppose him have to worry more about the criminal justice system, with its harsh punishments.

This is a brutal regime – but what has the United States been doing on the global stage under Barack Obama?

Obama started a war in Syria when the Russians were in Crimea. He’s been bombing in Syria even though he’s failed to win the “Syrian Democratic Forces

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