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I don’t lose on roulette.

What’s it like working with your brothers on the band?

We’re all really close. We’re a tight unit. We share a common interest. This is a bond.

A couple of days ago, I decided to go and check what the weather was like in our neck of the woods. When I started out, it had rained several times in the past few days, so it was rainy for most of the day, especially as my little brother and I were on our way over to my house. I was expecting to spend the morning on my bike, and the sun would shine through the puddles and my bike wouldn’t have much of a scratch; I guess that’s what I was expecting.

We had plenty of time to get comfortable, though. Just as I was getting up, we had enough time to get on the bike (my brother, too), and we rode a few miles along the river, stopping to go a few feet in front of the river and get some great images for the gallery below. I couldn’t agree more with this guy’s verdict:

Here’s how the river looked at sunset:

And this one:

My brothers’ reaction to the sunset, from the opposite side:

Here’s the link to the picture gallery:

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday announced sweeping new reforms to the nation’s immigration policies, including barring unauthorized immigrants who meet at least one of five criteria from the country within a two-year period.

It follows an investigation conducted by two top immigration experts that concluded that the system for identifying and removing unauthorized immigrants is “broken.”

Immigration was once a contentious topic. President Barack Obama and Congress worked for years to pass comprehensive border security and interior enforcement legislation. But the effort stalled in recent years, as Republicans on both sides of the aisle have increasingly moved to limit government efforts to tackle illegal immigration.

[What’s next for immigration reform]

The new directives come as Republicans prepare for the August recess, when lawmakers will likely renew efforts to defund the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies. The GOP has introduced an earlier version of its own immigration bill that would block the president from making a new executive order that allows unauthorized immigrants to apply for work permits, or “green cards.”

“We have made major progress on reforming our immigration system, but we remain not only a nation of laws, but of laws

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