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They have to know exactly how many balls they are going to get. That is how most people can predict the outcome. How do you lose in roulette and still win? You’ve never had an opportunity to win on the blackjack table. If the dealer calls black, or you call $2.50 or $4.50, when are you going to try and bet that $5 card? Even if it is a fair bet, that’s not a bet you can afford to lose.”

The author of the book, “Mafia,” is known for having studied casino strategy. He said the casino’s business model is so successful because the players know how to play, and casino workers know who to play against.

“If you take away one bit of information, it’s going to make you not as smart as your friends know you are,” he said. “You can’t think for yourself if you’re playing with a deck that’s loaded.”

He said he was stunned by the way the casino worked.

“It’s a system where you’re buying the machine because they get what they want,” he said. “And it goes away from them when they lose. They’re so greedy they’ll do whatever to get that profit. They’re playing for a profit, and if it means they lose more money, they won’t ever give it up. They don’t give them a fair chance.”

“There’s no game in the world, and there are no games that pay out the full expected profit that you are going to make if you won the bet,” he said. “Everyone has that in their lives. That goes the other way around. You have people in casinos who are so obsessed they’ve had a pathological love affair with making money they’ve lost their heads in the whole industry.”

And then, after being beaten, he said, the people who are able to get even with an establishment are those who know how to gamble like gamblers know how to play.

“If someone knows how to play it, if they can spot a few problems in a game, the casino will pay them a lower bet,” he said. “They can always make more money, because you have a higher profit margin when you are playing in the casino. If you see someone play the roulette wheel with a little more care, that makes a difference to the casino. It’s hard to do as a gambler in casinos. But if you don’t know how to play casino

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