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“Playing blackjack for beginners is actually quite straightforward. The first step is always to try and keep yourself mentally relaxed during the game. Keep your focus on the hands that your opponent makes at the table but keep a strong eye on the cards you just dealt to them. You’d be surprised how many people are playing blackjack but have no idea what they look like. By concentrating on one type of card, such as a face card, then quickly looking back to see what other cards they dealt and what they did, you will often be able to identify a card quickly.”

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is not the only game where you have to stay calm while dealing cards. During poker, you have to keep an eye on your cards on all fronts. It sounds pretty simple but it can be difficult on the nerves. “It’s always best to think at an optimal level of calmness so that you can see everything clearly. The best way to do this is to make sure that you take out a couple of sleeves, make a mental note of each hand you’re dealt, and then look to the card you’re dealt and do a mental picture for it.”

This is important if you want to start to understand or work on your poker hand. “In order to understand where your opponent is on the poker table, you have to be able to look down the table and see which card was dealt to him and if that one is the one from your hand. It may not be visible from the top of the table but it should be the same for everyone.”

He said that some people only play one card, or maybe two, of a type. “Some people make this mistake and think that by not taking the two cards from their right hand, it will be the next best thing. By doing this however, you will find yourself dealing two of the cards you’re dealt to your opponent and not one of the two cards they’re dealt. If you play the game correctly, it should be obvious that this has just happened and you should be able to say ‘Yes!’ to your opponent without knowing anything about the hand you’re dealt. This is when being calm is much more important.”

So how can I start to understand why I’m winning? “Start looking for clues,” he said. “It might be that their hand looks odd, or their opponent has a pair of pairs, or the look of the cards they’ve dealt has something to do with luck.”

What about bluffing? “Bluffing is

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