How do you win at the casino? – Online Roulette Live

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1.) Go up the high rollers and buy high stack chips. They’re cheap, but with a very high turnover it can be a little scary.
2.) Start with 5-7 high rollers but make sure you stack very high, you want to get at least 10-12 at any one time. I have 10-13 in my main house and I’m getting to 15-14 as I finish my first game. (See above for a list of high stack chips you can buy)
3.) I can’t give you an exact number, I tend to stack as much as my hands can hold for the time being.
4.) When you get lucky and draw, the good news is you can buy out the high rollers, they go through the whole game. I have about 3 or 4 players that are in the same position or in the top 10 of all the chips I roll. In my case, I get in the top 5 and all the chips I have have been used up. I also have one player that is so bad that his last hand is a 2. I’m also getting to 3. After I roll my 1st and 3rd he’s no longer on the house, I’ve made up all my chips and he’s not there anymore.

5.) You can try calling this game with less rolls (or more). I’ve found this game to be very rewarding when you make it to the top of the high rollers and buy high stack chips.
What about the money rollers?
1.) Most of them aren’t that good, in fact I find them kinda lame. I play these guys a lot though.
2.) In most of my games I have been lucky enough to get a couple of them and they’ve been pretty decent so far. I don’t mind when people are getting a couple of good spins. If they’re getting one good roll and two bad rolls, it sucks to them cause they lose a bunch of chips. It’s better to get a couple bad rolls than a bad hand.
3.) Some high rollers can really get good results with good luck and a lot of rolling. It’s a fun and rewarding game to play, it can be a good night to a bunch of people. But it’s a pretty stressful situation to play in. It’s like trying to keep a horse away from a runaway freight train.
4.) The money rollers? They are very important, for good or bad. They really help your success

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