How do you win Maths roulette? – Online Roulette Free Play No Deposit

You can win either a £1 or a £2 prize with a single turn. However this turns out to be easier than winning £10 or more at a roulette table.

1. To play, click on the table and the wheel with the number 1 on it above. That’s all you do.

2. After a beat: the number spins around the wheel but the first digit wins.

3. After two wins: the wheel starts to spin again.

If it spins correctly: it is worth 10 points. If it doesn’t, it is worth 5. If it spins one more time: the wheel goes to zero.

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If the wheel spins into infinity: the player with the highest score loses.

So it is not possible to win if the wheel spins into a black hole in the middle of infinity, at which point nothing can be bet. But, it is possible to win by turning a black hole in the middle of infinity into another black hole in the middle of the table. And that is what happened to Nigel Lawson, who managed to pay £2 and take £1.

When Lawson won: the table flashed a ‘Congratulations!’ message and he was given a £1 prize. But when he lost: the table did not flash the same message.

Maths roulette will often offer a £10 prize. A £10 win earns the same number of points as two £10 wins: it is worth 10, but with only one spin. The maths world is split on the merits of different spins: some say the £10 spin gives you a higher score, while others say it reduces your chance of winning.

So you have to make the call: is it worth ten points for £10 or is it worth one point for £1?

A £1 win is also worth as much as a £2 win, but if the wheel stays spinning into infinity it can pay you off with an extra £10. That’s what happened to George Snedden, who managed to go into an extra £10 for ‘luck’ and took £2.

It’s not as though there is an absolute limit on the number of spins you can make in a row. Some machines will offer a £5 prize on the fourth spin, while others offer four prizes for £1.

Each machine will tell you what prize to expect on the fifth spin, but even if you pay, you won’t know what your winning

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