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How likely is an adult to lose 50%? This blog is a great resource to help answer this question. Find out what’s covered here. Can’t see the image? Click here for high res.

Who won the World Poker Tour? Read a primer on the WSOP poker tour from Rob W. How much did you win? How much did your competitors win? A post shared by (@pokerstrategy) on Aug 3, 2017 at 10:07pm PDT

The number of Americans in prison has grown over the last few decades. Why? Read the post and find out. How many of America’s prisoners was this year?

In this week’s “Ask an Expert” we have another live Q&A. This one will come from a veteran of the industry, Matt Levine. Read it below and then click the “like” button in your browser to leave a comment. What is the average life expectancy of a prison warden? What’s your advice for those who live through these events?

The US president said last week he would stop funding anti-government protests in Venezuela

Donald Trump had previously criticised Maduro’s government, calling it “a death squad” during a televised visit to the country in April.

The Venezuelan leader had previously made it clear that he would be reluctant to meet Trump during their two-day visit due to the US president’s criticism of the country.

In her interview with the BBC, he insisted he would support Chavez’s legacy and even said he would “definitely” honour the US’s $400m (£290m) humanitarian aid contract to pay for an alternative power station that has been mothballed.

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The billionaire real estate mogul had previously dismissed Maduro’s government as “a group of thugs who don’t know what democracy is”.

The BBC’s Paul Wood in Caracas says Trump has been praised for his diplomacy by many in Latin America, and is expected to be welcomed as a strong proponent of free trade in Latin America, which has long been critical of the US.

On a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, a group of about 50 kids were playing on a field in a middle eastern village outside of Damascus. The weather in the middle east can be brutal – it got down to around 30 degrees, so all that’s left to play with is their clothes and their balls to protect them from the cold. So there is that.

On a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, a group of

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