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“In the United States, there are a lot of people who say “No. I don’t think so,” so when they hear a roulette wheel come up, they say “I don’t see it.” But when they see it, people think like, “What the hell is that about?”

Is this why people can’t be trusted to conduct a normal financial transaction?

Well, let’s see what you say. In this country we have a lot of people who are in business or in finance or in finance and insurance and some of those people are well-known. I say a lot of people who don’t get it, a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about. People are not going to vote for you, even if you’re an economist, because they’re not going to trust you. Most people don’t know you’re an economist so they’re not going to put you in a situation where you have to say, “OK, I’ll take a big gamble on this.” That’s why the people who are going to vote for you — you have to prove you’re not going to be the one to destroy the economy. It’s not something that you just fall into that’s on your own.

So this means that there’s a huge amount of trust on the part of the voters, that they don’t trust government to manage the economy?

“They can trust the government better and they know what the government can do.”

Right. But why has the government not been able to do much that would be productive?

There’s a lot of people in the media who are interested in the public sector, or the private sector, but they’re not interested in how the private sector runs itself. They’re only interested in the “how” about all of this. They’re interested in the “if” about all of this, which is something that you have to do as a businessman.

The government has really been run by people who want to destroy the business. That’s why we do need to be smart about regulation, by keeping the cost of regulation low.

Are you saying there aren’t people who want a more dynamic economy?

“I say we need to be able to keep the country in the world if that’s what people want. But we have to figure out how to do it without hurting ourselves.”

So what I’m thinking is that we have to go through a process of figuring out what

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