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Roulette may not have been for everyone, but it was certainly for me. When I took the first turn to play, my face lit up as it’s a new game to me. This was a new game, and there was a big difference between the new and old games. I was really surprised in terms of the feel of the different games.

The second turn to play had me thinking. The second turn was when the game really started to make a huge difference to my overall play. The third turn was just the icing on the cake. I really felt the game had a little bit of luck to it when the second turn came. When the third turn happens you will want to make sure you have a set piece and place the pieces to the board.

What do you do after every turn?

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After each turn, I take my last turn piece and place it to the board. Then the next round kicks off. It really takes a while to learn this game. I think a lot of people struggle in this game. We play it over multiple games.

What are you playing this week?

I am playing a game of Settlers of Catan. I haven’t decided what to play this week, as I haven’t put out my hand too yet in terms of what I want to play.

Thanks for a great time.

The games you recommend are the ones I play. I am sure there are numerous other games that are just as great, if not better. There is no lack of games to play, if you have time. If more time were allowed, people would still play more than a couple of hours a month.

What games do you think are worth playing again?

My favorite board game ever is Risk. We play it a lot and when I finally beat the game, that made it into the game. My second favorite game is Ticket to Ride, which I have been playing for many weeks.

What do you want to play next?

Hopefully I can come back to playing poker more often. It would be perfect for me. I don’t have any real goals of course, other than that games are fun and keep people interested. I think people will still want to play more games but the amount of time they play the games is going to decrease with every new edition of the game. I think it was a great game for a while and was loved by thousands, but people will quickly get bored of it.

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