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Shirou Tohsaka: (laughs)

Makoto Shinkai: (laughs) The thing this time, they don’t say it “roll the dice” but “roll the die and see who you make a hit”, that’s how.

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So, how about you guys? You guys are probably a bit busy with work these days. Do you have plans in the future towards having an anime series?

Sakaguchi Masahiro: Even at this point, with over a decade since the last time I made an anime, I’d still like to have a more anime-like production schedule. If I were to take my word for it, it’d be like working on the new “Harem” movie every week, and I think one would be an interesting experience. It’d be like what I did and what I’m doing now in that work.

Makoto Shinkai: I could give it a shot once things are settled, maybe this autumn. That’s what I think. If I had to choose between doing “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso” and “Shikugeki no Souma”, I think I’d choose “Shigatsu and Kimi.” (laughs)

Shibata Kei: I don’t think the situation will change that much, but with all the new animation coming out nowadays, it’s like nothing has changed at all. It seems like everyone is watching the same shows, and I think all the old ideas will just pass by.

So, that would be the conclusion.

Makoto Shinkai: (laughs)

Sakaguchi Masahiro: That’s it. That’s all I have time for. Thanks to all those who sent a question to us in this volume. We are going to get our hands on our very own doujin manga, and we want to show you all.

Kagura Ryouko

“Kagura Ryouko” is scheduled to get a television anime on Nippon Television in Japan on August 2nd, 2015. Kagura Ryouko will reprise her role as Hina. “Kagura Ryouko” will be a prequel to the “Kagura no Shinju” anime film.

“They wanted everyone in the community to know about it and make it a community initiative, which we did,” said James R. Sch

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