Is roulette really random? – Most Successful Roulette Strategy

Do these people know what ‘random’ means? Are they playing roulette to win? And, do they know that the game is real too. What do they think happens when you win?

The results: They don’t know.

It sounds crazy, I know.

So does the game have as many as 1 billion players?

We’re not talking billions here. At one extreme the game had 7 trillion players. That’s in a sense, a trillion players for just 5 minutes.

But a game like roulette can easily take over 100 years. There could be many millions of players who play it every day.

And in reality the game doesn’t play that fast. There are many players in the game. There are many players who move in and out of the game.

There are many players with millions of dollars playing every minute.

So even if there is only 1 billion player, how many billions of these games should there be?

We asked these men if, in their opinion, roulette is really random.

“Is roulette really random?” – They looked at each other.

“No, it’s not random at all!”

“Well, how many billions of people played this game every single day?”

“I wonder?”

“That’s a really tough question!”

“I don’t know. I might want to ask around…”

“I guess so…”

The players were surprised. And they thought for a while before answering.

It’s not as simple as they thought:

Roulette doesn’t really play random,

Its true randomness is very low,

It’s quite difficult to play roulette and win it…

And even if this game is not ‘really random’, it still behaves like a game.

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What it doesn’t behave like is a real lottery.

The randomness is too low,

The system works too badly (not working),

The numbers in this game are not random.

In the end, just how many billions of players played a game called roulette?

There weren’t many – just a very few.

Roulette was a game, an easy game with a big probability of winning. But it doesn’t have the same ‘randomized probability’ that you could call ‘real.’

This is why we call it a ‘game for one

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