Is there any skill in roulette? – Online Roulette Wheel Spindles

It depends what people are gambling on. I’ve seen lots of bets on poker, soccer, football, horse races. They’ve been pretty successful. When you’re playing roulette you don’t really know if the odds are favorable — so it’s hard to tell. If you’re playing, you might bet on a certain number, but it doesn’t really matter; it’ll always be a loss.

I’m guessing you haven’t been playing poker a lot in recent years.

No — I played in college. I haven’t really had time to play.

Any ideas on where your personal poker game lies?

What’s going on with casino players is pretty interesting. I always have a high tolerance for pain, but this year I’d really like it to be all about skill. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d like to go head to head in the last round with someone at the $1,000 level.

What’s the difference between PokerStars and other live-action betting sites?

It used to be that they were all basically the same, and they were all really good. With PokerStars, they’ve gone from the top to the bottom every year — from some of the best players ever, to a lot of the most inexperienced, to people without any experience. On you can see how many spins have been taken. One year you could find something like 80+ spins on most bets. As of 2012, they’re down to about 45 spins every two weeks.

Is that true of the casinos? How often does one get one to take more than 50 spins?

They’re not going to take the money from you if you bet too much. It will go to an employee, if you can’t pay the employee to take the money.

What do you think of that?

I think that’s a good example of how this industry has changed rapidly. Over a year ago it was $100 bets on poker, and now $2,000 is the typical bet in LiveBets. I’ve been doing this now for 16 years, and I can’t remember when we were talking about such small stakes. Maybe I’m just not thinking clearly here, but it’s really different. Back then, it was maybe $10. Now it seems like $10 is the norm, and $250. I remember being at a poker tournament where it all seemed to fall into one day. Then

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