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It’s a bit of a wild card to answer the question, and the odds aren’t very great. There are two main factors that affect the odds. One is the skill or ability of the player. For a machine to make a roulette wheel in the same number of attempts that it takes to win, there’s some skill and/or ability involved. The other is the roulette’s spin count. It’s very hard to beat the spin count of a standard roulette wheel, but there is a chance that you can beat the random number engine at roulette. With this in mind, it is possible that the odds on the top table of a roulette can exceed the odds on the bottom table in the same number of tries.

To put these odds into perspective, each of the following table’s numbers are based on a number of attempts that I have seen people take to win on Roulette. I personally have played roulette for 8 and 9 years, and I would say that the odds are not overly large for any of those tables. To my knowledge, I have never beaten a random number engine, but the odds definitely appear to be higher than you would expect for a machine that does not spin every time you spin a number.

Number of attempts to win table 3 table 4 table 5 table 6 table 7 table 8 roulette 9 standard 8 16 30 40 50 64 96 144 256 256 3 9 13 18 20 25 40 60 80 120 160 200 240 300 350 400 1 2 5 7 9 11 13 15 18 21 25 35 45 55

In table 1, table 3, table 4 and table 5, the odds are slightly better than 1 in 10; but in table 6, table 7, table 8, and the last table in which only a maximum 15 attempts are taken to win, the odds are still better than 1 in 10 for the standard and 3 for the roulette table.

Why do the odds for the standard roulette table seem better than for the roulette table?

It’s possible to beat roulette by using the standard roulette wheel. But what about the standard roulette wheel? It might take a large number of attempts to win on a roulette table, and for that reason, even the roulette table offers slightly higher odds.

To explain the difference between the odds on the standard roulette table and the odds on the roulette table, take the numbers of tries in table 1, table 3, table 4, table 5, and table 6

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