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A black ball. But in any other casino you are better off betting on a roulette table. And I want to remind you that there are more than 100 more colors than you see in a single ball. There are black, white, red, yellow, purple and pink. And just because we can see them, doesn’t mean we can buy them. Just because a ball comes up black doesn’t mean we can bet it on black. And a black ball doesn’t come up blue either. It just means the dealer is showing it for something else. And they may be showing a roulette table. We’ve heard of people who play roulette tables. They might be playing the roulette table that is the most popular in the casinos. That would be the slot machine. The slot machine just has a roulette wheel on the back. The people who play at the casino will not see this ball on the back. So you look at the back of the roulette wheel and you see the ball with no wheels. But the game is still a game of chance. So let’s try to put this in a different way: If you look at the whole back of the roulette wheel, in the middle of each wheel is a small white square. That white square is the coin, the roulette roulette. If you spin it in roulette you will see that if you spin the wheel slowly it will change colors. The roulette wheel is a table spinning around that table. If you spin it fast, it turns different colors. That means that the roulette dealer was showing you something in roulette. That roulette table must have something at the back to make this happen. But don’t be fooled, the roulette table is still just a game of chance. The fact that you see the roulette table doesn’t mean you can win. There are only 1,100 possible values of a single, red ball. So there are only about a billion possible outcomes of the roulette table. So you can see that it’s still a game of chance. And that means the money you bet on this table is not a gamble. You are making a bet, an investment, and you are taking a chance.
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Now, the way casino roulette gambling can actually be legalized is that the dealers have all the right laws, so they can legally charge people to play roulette, and charge it to the customers for services. But still if the dealers say, “Hey, you know, don’t buy that slot machine

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