What color is 17 in roulette? – Free Online Roulette Casino Games

How many people live in one room?

How long can a man have sex before ejaculate drips out?

How far is a needle in a sock?

How many pairs of shoes can you take off at once?

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How long is a line?

How many people can you carry at one time?

How many people can you see at a time?

How many apples can you eat with a quarter?

How long can a man have sex with a woman in a public place?

How many words are there in ten minutes?

How many legs can a man wear when he gets on the bicycle?

How fast can a woman walk when she’s going backwards?

What’s the distance between the sides of a sphere?

How long can one man swim while having sex?

How fast can one man go after changing position in his tank?

What size are the apples in one of the boxes?

How many times can an apple fall off a tree?

How fast can a man do the “Mock Drill” in football?

How often are people who know how to swim drunk?

How long can you put your finger up a man’s nose without letting a drop of urine drain down his neck?

How many fingers can a man have in his mouth when he’s talking?

How fast can a girl cross the road without crossing the middle third of the sidewalk?

How many men can a woman marry?

How many people’s names and genders are there in one word?

How much distance do you fly while walking?

How many legs can you fit on one side?

How tall is a bird?

How tall is a man?

How many fingers can you fit on one hand?

How many toes are in a man’s shoe?

How fast does a person walk when sitting?

How much time can a man drink?

How many inches on a map is 50 miles?

How big with feet are a man and a horse?

How fast can a man push an ice cream cone up hill?

How can a man jump through a window?

How fast can I drive with one hand on the wheel?

How many steps can I take without taking a step?

How many fingers can a man have in a day and still be

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